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Aurora Academic Charter School’s charter was granted on May 16, 1996.

In 2021, AACS was approved by the Government of Alberta for a 15-year charter extension.

Aurora Academic Charter School's Charter Document describes the vision, mission, philosophy, values, purpose, and goals of our unique program.

Charter Document - June 2022.jpg

Charter Document 2022

Public charter schools are autonomous non-profit public schools that:

  • provide basic education in a different or enhanced way

  • follow Alberta's programs of study (curriculum)

  • have a focus not already offered by the board of the school authority in which the public charter school is located – this could include unique:

    • learning styles

    • teaching styles

    • approaches

    • philosophies

    • pedagogies

    • vocation-based education

  • have the potential to improve student learning outcomes

  • demonstrate collaboration or engagement with a post-secondary institution or a school division

  • have the potential to improve the education system as a whole and enhance education research and innovation

2022 Government of Alberta

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