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We know it is crucial for our students and staff to feel connected to a supportive community to help support their well-being. We offer a range of extra services to help students to succeed in life and in our program. These services are provided at no cost to parents, including: Speech-Language Pathology, Occupational Therapy, and Counselling Services. These are called our Student Learning Services (SLS).

With this in mind, we have compiled a few ideas and resources to assist educators in this effort. We strongly urge you to take care of yourselves and your loved ones, and to reach out to the school so we can put you in touch with health care experts.

Click below to learn about the roles of our SLS Team Members, when to access services, how to access services, next steps and questions.

Click below for information regarding health services, income support, food support, mental health support and parenting support.

Join Aaron Block, Registered Psychologist, and member of the Mental Health in Schools Pilot Project, for monthly sessions focusing on how parents may support their children’s wellbeing. These online sessions are held the second Thursday each month from from 7:00 - 8:00 p.m. by Aaron sharing information on the monthly topic, with time provided at the end of the session for questions and discussion. Aurora School parents and Community members are invited to join online for engaging monthly discussions.

  • October 12 - Bullying & Cyberbullying

  • November 9 - Self Esteem 

  • December 14 - Motivation

  • January 11 - Goal Setting 

  • February 8 - Resilience 

  • March 14 - Healthy Communication 

  • April 11 - Healthy Relationships 

  • May 9 - Anger Management

  • June 13 - Mindfulness





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